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100 Pcs Disposable Medical Glovesr Blue Rubber Gloves
1. Process Foods Safely
2. Protect Your Family From Germs and Virus
High Quality Gloves 锛學ear these to protect yourself
3. Latex-Free Gloves
Safe and No Odor锛孧anufactured using high quality materials
4. Touch Screen Compatible
Prevent fingers from touching germs and virus锛孧anufactured using high quality materials
5.Resistant to acids and alkalis, does not hurt your hands
Non-slip zero touch
Thin and easy to wear with thick fingertips
Good precision, no side leakage, comfortable fit, thickened palm fingertip design, take care of your hands, wrist curling design, anti-slip is not afraid of repeated pulling
Specification: 100 pcs per box
Material: PVC
Type: No powder
color: Blue
Size: XS,S,M, L,XL
Use period: five yearsGloves suppliers
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